Naperville family dentistry addresses Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome

In the United States alone, about 45 millions of Americans experience TMJ-related, disabling migraines, with many having seen numerous physicians and taken multitude of drugs, but still to no relief. As TMJ is the condition of the misalignment of the jaw, neuromuscular dentistry addresses this by placing the jaw back in its optimal position.

Now, citizens of Naperville, and surrounding area, can turn to Maple Park Dental Care for treatment should they feel the symptoms of TMJ. To diagnose and determine the extent of the problem, and to establish a “physiological rest position for the jaw,” the Naperville family dentist uses several computer-aided instruments. As for the practice’s hours, Maple Park Dental Care keeps its doors open for an extended time. Clients can have an appointment as early as 7AM and as late as 8PM on weekdays, and 8AM to 1PM on Saturdays.